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Fireboy & Watergirl 1 games

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Instead of one hero, in The Forest Temple you've got two, and you'll need to use them both to get through the levels.  At the same time. You'll be collecting diamonds as you make your way to the exit in each level; blue diamonds can only be grabbed by WaterGirl, and red ones are reserved for FireBoy. You'll need to get them both safely to their exit doors if you want to progress, which is easier said than done. Both characters are vulnerable to their opposing elements, such as pools of water or lava, and green pools are deadly to both of them. One wrong move and you'll have to restart the level. (Or click the green button at the bottom of the screen to restart manually if you get stuck.)
Fireboy and Watergirl in Forest Temple. How well do your hands work together? The Forest Temple is an addictive platform puzzle game, where you have to control two characters synchronously. Control both creatures at the same time and activate buttons to move platforms, push boxes and collect diamonds to get to the exit door of the forest temple.

WaterGirl with the [WASD] keys, and direct FireBoy with the [arrow] keys.



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